Session fees are to be paid on or before the day of your photo session.  Payment is expected before ANY photos will be taken.  Please note:  Prints and flash drives are NOT included in the price of the session fee.

SINGLE FAMILY SESSION - $175.00 Single family is yourself and your immediate family (Includes a 30 minute session and 10 edited images)

MULTIPLE FAMILY SESSION - $225.00 Multiple family is yourself, your children, spouse, your siblings, parents, etc.  (Includes a 1 hour session and 15 edited digital images)

SENIOR SESSION - $350.00  Additional season sessions may be scheduled at a cost of $150 per season.  Anything over 3 hours will be an additional $100 per half hour.  For senior sessions, the fees include on location settings to be agreed upon by the senior and photographer, edited images of the photographers choice, and a minimum of 30 images shared to an online gallery for you to download.  Typically, senior outdoor sessions last between one and three hours. I do not offer studio sessions.  If you need a studio headshot for your yearbook, you will need to make other arrangements.  Most schools have contracts with larger photography studios to do your yearbook photo.  The schools prefer to keep the yearbook photos the same.  Typically, the schools set up a date and time for the seniors to come into school to have their yearbook photo taken.

ENGAGEMENT SESSION - $375.00 (Includes 1 hour session and 20 edited digital images)

WEDDING SESSION - $2,000.00 (Includes 300 + edited images including reception images (not all reception images are edited), length of time discussed prior to ceremony with bridal couple.  If shooting your wedding, we will discuss prior to your event the amount of time services will be provided.  This fee also includes all consultations either over the telephone, through email, in person or Facebook.  All images will be posted to my website in a private gallery for you to download or ordering through my website.  

All packages include access to an online gallery where you will be able to download the images of your choice.  Due to the lack of information about how long cd's, dvd's and flash drives can hold information, JacqueP photography recommends you back up your images on other media formats.  JacqueP photography also recommends making multiple copies of your images yearly to ensure the images for years to come.  JacqueP photography can not be held responsible for the failure of cd's, dvd's or flash drives due to mishandling.  It is the client's responsibility to keep several copies of any media in more than one location and back up the images to another format, such as a hard drive.


*** Please keep in mind - Not all images shot will be edited and sent to you.  I carefully select the best images to present to you.  JacquePphotography retains the right of discretion in selection of the images to be edited and presented to the client.